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UK-METALEX is a company that is actively developing in the energy market. We successfully implement projects in the field of electric power industry, supply of gas, oil and petroleum products worldwide. Specialists of UK-METALEX have experience in the energy market for over 10 years. Partners of our company - reliable producers and traders in Europe and Asia.

We make energy available by making it work for the benefit of our customers.

Oil products

The company has extensive experience in the oil product market. The main regions of supply are the countries of the Baltic, Black and Mediterranean seas, including Western Europe, Africa and Asia. Production regions: Russia, CIS countries and Southern Europe.

The main petroleum products that are in the area of UK-METALEX interest: kerosene Jet A-1, diesel fuel ULSD 10 ppm and L0, 05-62 GOST 305-82, black oil fuel M-100, fuel VGO. We also have extensive transportation capabilities in all regions of supply.

Power sector

Electricity supply is one of the key areas of our business. We offer our customers cooperation in organization of the balance sheet group, namely:

- consulting partnership; organization of a transaction at all stages;
- balanced optimization of supply, choice of transportation costs;

- non-standard commercial products, tailored to individual customer needs and cooperation on the development of new products.

UK-METALEX takes full advantage of market opportunities and product optimization throughout the region of the Central and Eastern Europe. We have considerable experience in both European markets and in the Ukrainian market.

Crude Oil

The company’s activities for more than ten years have been focused on providing crude oil to the Asian and Mediterranean regions. Our company is engaged in providing crude oil refinery group with crude oil, as well as in trading. The interests of UK-METALEX are mainly focused on light types of crude oil.

Crude Oil is the main source of energy in the world and one of the brightest indicators of the health of the world economy, or its stagnation. The group of our companies has extensive crude oil supply from the raw materials regions of West Africa, the Persian Gulf, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

We also have extensive capabilities on crude oil transportation and refining in many regions of the world. A separate line in the activities of our company is the supply of technological equipment for the construction of crude oil refineries in the oil - producing countries of the Persian Gulf, Asia and Russia.

Natural Gas

The European natural gas market is one of the key markets in which we have been successfully operating for several years. Natural Gas supply halo: Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Romania, the Czech Republic.

Today we work in the wholesale segment of the market, on virtual points of supply in Europe, with emerging markets: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine.

Thanks to well-balanced spreads, we are ready to provide the most profitable product needed by our customer.

LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas

Our company has great interests in LNG supply - Liquefied Natural Gas to the European and Chinese markets. UK-METALEX also has the ability to transfer LNG as pipe gas at any point in Europe, including transportation.


For over a decade, UK-METALEX has been successfully interacting with leaders in the energy industry. During this period, we have thoroughly studied the subtleties of work in each of the energy markets.
By the transaction, we can act as a buyer or seller, and as a financial or professional partner, accompanying the project.

The vertical and horizontal integration of our group of companies allows us to influence the formation of the final cost of goods throughout the chain, which gives us additional stability in the market.

This is a team of professionals whose knowledge and experience allow us to go forward with full confidence and develop with our partners, calmly, reliably and profitably.

Long-term successful relationships with leading financial institutions and specialized companies allow us to find new sources of funding, Producers and Buyers, attract additional funding to interesting projects and create our own financial products, which allows us to close turnkey projects.

In all these areas, UK-METALEX can participate as an equal partner or provide financial consulting services.

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